Terms & Payment


Booking terms and payment methods

The terms of booking and cancellation for Kuopion ja Lohjan Kylpylät Oy/Lohja Spa & Resort (“hotel”) are as follows:


Once a customer’s booking has been confirmed by the hotel or the booking centre, it is binding for both the customer and the hotel. Bookings may be made verbally or in writing. If made by phone, the phone call is considered a confirmation. The hotel issues a written confirmation, if possible, which must include the agreed services, prices, and terms of cancellation. The hotel’s online booking service sends an automatic booking confirmation with the terms of cancellation to the customer’s email address. Rooms may only be booked by persons of age (18 and older). If a customer books a room for a minor, the customer is responsible for the minor whether they stay with them or not. Minors staying on their own must have a signed note from their guardian that states the minor’s name, date of birth, and time of stay, as well as their guardian’s name and phone number.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, rooms are made available to customers from 16.00 hours on the day of arrival and must be vacated by noon on the day of departure.


Bookings are valid until 18.00 hours on the day of arrival unless a later time has been agreed upon.


Hotel room bookings are binding for both parties. If either party breaches the agreement, they are obligated to compensate the other party. If a booking results in special costs for the hotel, the customer must pay these costs in full. For private customers, the compensation for unused room bookings is calculated as follows:

a)      No compensation is required if the booking is cancelled by 16.00 hours on the day before arrival*.

b)     Compensation is required for one day if the cancellation occurs later than by the above time and another customer does not book the room.

c)      Compensation is required for one day if the customer has not cancelled their booking and fails to check in.

Exceptions: The full price must be paid in advance for Christmas holiday packages that include programming (one month in advance) and themed weekends (about two weeks in advance). If advance payment has not been received by the due date, the booking is cancelled and the accommodation is made available to other customers.

* Prepaid bookings are refunded to the customer’s account subject to a processing fee of €10.


Customers who have made a group booking may cancel their reservation of accommodation without giving a specific reason as follows:

a)      At no cost if the cancellation is made at least 30 days before the start date*.

b)     At a cost of 50 per cent if the cancellation is made between 14 and 30 days before the start date.

c)      The full price must be paid to the hotel if the cancellation is made later than 14 days before the start date and the rooms are not booked by other customers.

Check-out before the agreed date: If a booking was made for a certain period and the customer checks out before the end date, they must pay the full agreed upon price for the remaining time as well. If an offer for accommodation was priced for a group of two or more staying in the same room or suite and one member of the group cancels their booking, the hotel has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the cancellation. The members of the group are jointly responsible for paying the additional fee to the hotel.


Individual customers: According to international payment policy, booked accommodation is paid upon check-in at the hotel in cash or by credit card or online during booking, unless another method is agreed upon during booking.

Groups: The hotel negotiates the terms of payment and arrangements for advance payment beforehand with the customer who makes the booking. If the booking is made by a company and invoicing at a later date is preferred, a prior invoicing agreement is required between the hotel and the company.


The hotel reserves the right to adjust its prices according to changes in public fees mandated by legislation or levied by the authorities. These will be announced to customers separately in writing. We also reserve the right to adjust our prices in the case of changes to bookings and reservations (dates, duration, group size, facilities, etc.).


Lohja Spa & Resort has the right to cancel or adjust bookings in circumstances beyond the hotel’s control (such as force majeure, for example; pandemic, strike, lockout, fire, war, etc.). Any resulting losses will not be compensated. The hotel also has the right to stop or cancel an even if it disturbs other activities or compromises the hotel’s reputation or safety.


The hotel has the exclusive right to serve meals at events. The hotel has a licence to serve alcoholic drinks. According to the Finnish Alcohol Act, only drinks served by the hotel may be drunk in the serving area.


The hotel is not responsible for any items kept, stored, or left at the hotel or its restaurant. The customer who made the reservation to rent spaces and furniture is responsible for protecting them from damage. The customer is responsible for all damage caused by the customer’s equipment, employees, performers, or guests to the land, buildings, and other property of the hotel. The customer is responsible for any and all equipment and other property they bring to the hotel. The customer agrees to follow the hotel staff’s instructions regarding the use of the building, furniture, and equipment. The customer is responsible for their booking as a whole.


If an event requires a special permit, programming, orchestra, special decorations, or special technical equipment, the customer agrees to cover their costs, unless otherwise agreed upon.


If the customer wishes to take photographs at an event, they must request permission from the hotel in advance.


If the hotel begins renovations or repairs in its facilities after a booking has been made, the hotel agrees to announce this to customers in writing within a reasonable time. Renovations and repairs at the hotel do not constitute a valid reason to cancel the agreement unless the parties agree otherwise.


The customer is responsible for reporting all potential defects to hotel staff immediately upon discovery, assuming they can be remedied during use of the service. Claims for compensation and complaints regarding purchased services that could have been remedied during use of the service must be made in writing to the seller within two weeks of the end of the booking. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the customer has the option to submit the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board. If no agreement can be reached, the case must be decided by a district court. This agreement is subject to the laws of Finland.

Bookings may be postponed or cancelled free of charge in the case of a quarantine, travel ban, or operating ban. In the case of illness, bookings may be postponed or cancelled free of charge by 16.00 hours on the previous day. Prepaid bookings are refunded to the customer’s account subject to a processing fee of €10.


Lohja Spa accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

Other payment methods:
Edenred (massages, exercise services, and lunch)
Smartum (massages, exercise services, and lunch)
ePassi (massages and exercise services)
Eazybreak (massages, exercise services, and lunch)
Gift cards: GoGift and Gift4You