Pools & Saunas

Bathe like in a fairy tale!

In different pools, you can exercise or just enjoy yourself. The experience sauna part with its showers both treats and pampers your body as well as your thoughts. Rejuvenate, relax, experience!


In the Birch sauna, you can sense the Finnish birch forest all around you. In the Nebula sauna, the Finnish sauna tradition is combined with the stars of the Milky Way, and gives you a surprising yet still familiar sauna experience.


In the salt sauna, Himalayan mineral salt is used, which softens the skin and treats respiratory tract. Salt is not poured on the sauna hearth, but it is massaged onto the skin. In the salt sauna you do not add steam, but enjoy the curative effect of the salt in the mild heat.


In the steam sauna, you can relax in the aroma of eucalyptus. Your muscles will thank you and the airways will open up.


In the pool section of the spa you can enjoy a bubble bath in the two Jacuzzis, or try out how the combination of hot and cold pools feels. In the wading pool you can pamper your soles with the massaging round stones. The exciting sound pool and slide attract children, but adults will also surely appreciate its charm.


We have not forgotten either the water runners or fitness swimmers. In the exercise pool, you can still keep fit practicing swimming or water gymnastics. At the pool our Hydrahex virtual water gymnastic program is available everyday. Climbing frames have been fitted into the pool for those water beasts who want to try their skills in wall-climbing.